We have some of the best facilities you can get for your skydiving holiday

We are committed to making sure that every aspect of your stay is as perfect as possible. To achieve this Skydive Espana has teamed up with Skydive Costa Calida to provide the best facilities for a fun filled and luxurious skydiving holiday.

We strive for safety and satisfaction with every jump. Our highly experienced staff will provide you with lots of fun and exciting skydives with your safety as our top priority.

Want to speak to us? Have any questions?
E-Mail or call us: info@skydiveespana.com
Spain +34 (0) 618 698670 or Holland +31 (0) 628 459404,

Great accommodation – Luxuries and cheap

Swimming pool, sea & beach, air conditioned bar and restaurants for your comfort

Great aircraft – Comfortable and fast

Great Weather – Nice warm blue skies in the winter

International instructors with thousands of skydives and many years of experience

Perfect for team training with large shared chalets or individual rooms

Large safe landing area that belongs to the airfield

Alicante international airport for cheap flights

Indoor packing and shaded packing areas

Full time rigging facility on site for all your equipment needs