Freefall Camera’s For TV & Film

We design, build and jump all types of specialist camera equipment for all occasions that require hands free filming.

We built a chest harness for the Imax camera (left) and created a very stable platform for filming. The 35mm head mounted film camera (below), utalised a special neck brace and shoulder harness to protect the skydiver from deployment problems.

The 35mm chest mounted camera (below, right) was designed and built by the Film company to film from canopy to canopy. This was given to me on the day of filming and was without doubt the worst setup that could have been produced, however, with the magic of masting tape and string we made it work, but only just!

Helmet mounted or belly mounted with excellent results at speeds in excess of 120 mph. 35mm and Imax 70 mm film cameras with video assist

Sky Science

Safe, reliable professionals with total commitment and a fine eye for detail”

Simon Crane
Stunt Co-ordinator