Team Training can be done in luxury and at a cheap price

Learning the basics of formation skydiving will give you a solid foundation to develop your skydiving career. Consistency in coaching and training is the key to success. Our course is designed to help you progress in the fastest possible way, while learning the essential skills to achieve the best results during a formation skydive.

Check out our staff qualifications and experience as we have some of the best coaches available.

We teach you how to plan and prepare for a skydive, how to take into account your own skills and those of your fellow skydivers. A properly planned jump will always be much more successful and much more rewarding for you as a skydiver. “Hot” dives are not just for the pros!

Safety in skydiving is the highest priority and learning how to skydive with other skydivers safely is an important skill that gives you confidence and the ability to set yourself new challenges and evaluate your own performance. Once you’ve decided to start formation skydiving the earlier you take this course the better. This is because you won’t have had time to pick up bad habits with your body position; this can save you a great deal of wasted free fall time.

You’ll start with one on one instruction learning how to fly your own body to achieve fall rate control while moving backwards, forwards and sidewards. You’ll learn how to turn in place, docking techniques and learn how to dive and approach a target.. Once you’ve mastered these skills we move on to 3 way and 4 way skydives. Tracking is a skill that you will practice and master on every skydive.

Formation Skydiving (FS) Syllabus

Control fall rate.
Control horizontal movement, (forwards, backwards and sideways).
Achieve ‘docking’ techniques.
Turn in place.
Dive and approach a target.
Complete six points during a 4-way skydive.

The course consists of a minimum of 10 skydives where you have set skills to learn and practice. You must pass every level.

The course is completed after completing a 4 way skydive and achieving 6 points.

Once graduated you will be issued your FS 1 qualification which will allow you to skydive with anyone you choose who has the same skill level or above.

Qualifying as a formation skydiver will mean you’ll be invited to join other skydivers who have the same interests in achieving good quality formation skydives.

Don’t be daunted by the volume of information available, we will break down each and every subject to make sure it’s easy to learn from.