Skydiving Stunts:

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Skydiving Stunt Co-ordinator:

Jeremy Thomas & Nadja Romain

Harmony Korine

Diego Luna & Samantha Morton

Peter Degerelt

Allan Hewitt

We were given the task of: selecting a team, modifying the nun costumes so the parachute equipment can not be seen during the skydive, co-ordinating all tasks to insure a safe skydiving sequence and we modifying a stunt bike for freefall.

Sky Science

Safe, reliable professionals with total commitment and a fine eye for detail”

Simon Crane
Stunt Co-ordinator

Film Credits

Skydiving Stunts:
Allan Hewitt – Lesley Gale – Julia Foxwell – Julie Woodrow – Susan Farquhar

Ariel Cinematographer:
Hans Bergren

Parachute Equipment:
Sky Science

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