Rigging Workshop

Allan Hewitt is the chief rigger who’s owned and managed a rigging workshop for over 30 years as a British Rigger Examiner and as a Dutch Master Rigger. He’s also worked in R & D departments designing and testing parachute equipment both for the military and civilian markets.

We take our rigging seriously. We can service and repair all types of parachute equipment. Anything from a simple patch to open heart surgery on your high performance parachute.

Allan has also done over 1,500 tandem jumps and specialises in repairing and rebuilding Tandem Equipment.

We can rebuild your Tandem Rig with original manufacturers parts or with after market parts depending on your budget. In some cases the aftermarket parts are, not only cheaper but, designed to last longer and reduce wear and tear. We can also use used parts from stock, reconditioned and recycled parts to keep your costs down while maintaining the highest standards.

We also design and test parachute equipment for the TV & Film industry as well as manufacturing safety equipment and jumpsuits.

We supply all OEM component parts for specific equipment and after market parts for any type of equipment.