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Lol Lovett

Lol Lovett

Allan Hewitt – Terry Forrestal
Rob – John – Dave

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Seconds to impact is a documentary about BASE jumpers. We were employed to film various scenes which included completing 13 BASE jumps while filming.

Shot in the UK and mainland Europe in the summer of 2000, Seconds to Impact follows an international group of BASE jumpers as they hurl themselves off buildings, bridges, cliffs and other lofty perches.

A split-second mistake could prove fatal – which becomes horrifically apparent in this fascinating observational documentary. We follow Rob, Jon, Dave, Terry and Allan in their search for thrills and occasional spiritual high. From London’s Park Lane Hilton hotel to a kilometer-high granite crag in Norway, this is a unique record of why people risk their lives to participate in extreme, and sometimes illegal, sports.

Seconds To Impact is directed by Emmy Award winning Lol Lovett. The use of film, a range of tape cameras, and creative post production image manipulation ensures unusually high visual impact footage.