AFF Course

AFF Videos

Watch the AFF videos to see what you will be taught during your skydiving course at Skydive Espana.

AFF level 1 is an introduction to freefall where you will be looked after by 2 highly qualified instructors who will guide you through some survival skills such as altitude awareness and deploying your parachute.

AFF level 2 is a repeat of level 1 with 2 instructors to show the improvement in your awareness and freefall skills.

AFF level 3 is what we call a release dive. Both instructors will release grips but fly very close to you to give you support if you need it. This is where you get to demonstrate that you can fall stable in freefall.

AFF level 4 is with 1 instructors and the aim of this level is to teach you how to start and stop a turn.

AFF level 5 is very similar to level 4 but this time you will do some 360 degree turns both left and right to demonstrate more control with your flying skills.

AFF level 6 introduces you to being unstable and teaches you how to regain stability in freefall and introduces you to what we call a tracking exercise. This is a skill that teaches you to fly across the sky in a forward movement.

Level 7 is a test of all the skills that you have been taught. You will do a solo exit with your instructor very close to you, then you will do a backloop to prove that you can regain stability, after that you will do a 360 degree turn to the left and right before tracking to complete your freefall training.