Stunt Safety Equipment

We can manufacture stunt safety harness´s and belts to any specification, we’ve provided custom made equipment for both A list celebrities in major films and professional stuntmen.

Safety Harness

Heavy Duty Weight Bag

Jerk Jacket

Hidden Safety Harness

Hidden Arm Cable

Hip Harness

Lareg 3 Ring Release System

Mini 3 Ring Release System

Heavy Duty Weight Bag

Lead Shot Bags

Capacity to hold 100 Kilos of lead shot. Manufactured from a double layer of 12oz Cordura for maximum strength. Carrying handles and top lift point

For use with the heavy duty weight bag. We usually fill the bags with the lead shot and sew it in for maximum life, however we do sell the bags separately so they can be filled at your leisure

5 Kilo or 10 Kilo Bags