Tomb Raider II

Produced by:

Directed by:


Stunt Co-ordinator:

Special Effects Supervisor:

Aerial Coordinator

Skydiving Stunt Co-ordinator:

Lawrence Gordon, Lloyd Levin

Jan de Bont

Angelina Jolie and Gerard Butler

Simon Crane

Chris Corbould

Mark Wolff

Allan Hewitt

Sky Science

Safe, reliable professionals with total commitment and a fine eye for detail”

Simon Crane
Stunt Co-ordinator

Skydiving Stunts

Allan Hewitt – Tom Struthers – Mikael Nordqvist – Per “PerFlare” Eriksson – Martin Rosén

Skydiving Stunt Register

If you’re a qualified or experienced skydiver, who can be available for TV or film work at short notice, then please register your interest.

We were given the task of organising a BASE jump from a tower block, with the added complications of using Wingsuits. After a Wingsuit flight over Hong Kong the jumpers land on a moving boat waiting in the harbour.

This stunt had never been done before and because there were not many experienced BASE jumpers, at the time, who were also experienced with Wingsuits, it was difficult to organise the selection and training of a team that would do it justice.

After intensive searches and verification of skills I (Allan Hewitt) recruited Team Bautasten. Simon Crane endorses my selection and over the next few months my time was filled with planning, training and executing the stunt.

Mikael Nordqvist is one of the most experienced base jumpers in Scandinavia. He is one of the two jumpers that started Team Bautasten and he took on the task of filming the stunt.

Per “PerFlare” Eriksson is one of the most active base jumpers in Sweden today. Per doubled up for Angelina Jolie and was one of the two original members of Team Bautasten.

Martin Rosén is the most recent member of Team Bautasten and also the youngest. Martin was ask to join the Team in 2001 and doubled up for Gerard Butler

We also had the to organise the parachute jump into the landrover in Kenya and the deployment of the parachutes ejecting Lara Croft and her co star from the 2 man aircraft before it crashed. Amanda Kemp doubled up for Angelina Jolie and Allan Hewitt doubled up for Gerard Butler.

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