Tomorrow Never Dies

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Skydiving Stunt Co-ordinator:

Skydiving Kit Designed & Tested By:

Michael G Wilson & Barbara Broccoli

Roger Spottiswoode

Vic Armstrong

Pierce Brosnan & Michelle Yeoh

Chris Corbould

Vic Armstrong

BJ Worth

Allan Hewitt

Sky Science

Safe, reliable professionals with total commitment and a fine eye for detail”

Simon Crane
Stunt Co-ordinator

The James Bond Film ” Tomorrow Never Dies ” was the first Bond film that we had the opportunity to work on.

With the specification that Lindy Hemming (Costume Designer) gave us, we designed, manufactured and tested all the skydiving & scuba diving equipment used in the film.

This was for a scene that allowed James Bond to do a high altitude low opening jump into the sea and have his parachute equipment replaced by a set of scuba diving equipment.

We did the initial trials at Netheravon parachute centre before presenting the idea to Pierce Bronson and all the head of department in a meeting with EON Productions.

After the presentation we were contracted to build 10 sets both for use under water and by James Bond himself.

The skydiving stunt contract for this film had been awarded to BJ Worth, so we sold the concept and all design records to EON Productions, so he could duplicate the equipment for the actual skydiving sequence.

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Pierce Brosnan alias James Bond (above).
Allan Hewitt, Skydiving Kit Design & Testing (right)