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Bernadette Ross

Crispin Reece

Allan Hewitt

Ralph Mitchell – Alberto Arcos – Adolfo Kurn

Tim Porter

Sky Science

Sky Science

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Simon Crane
Stunt Co-ordinator

This stunt was for a TV company called True Hero’s. The task was to recreate the life saving actions of Ronnie O’Brien, who saved the lives of a tandem instructor and his passenger. The tandem pair were out of control in freefall and would have certainly died, but for the quick thinking and brave actions of Ronnie O’Brien.

When the tandem instructor deployed his drogue parachute, it wrapped around his neck before inflating. This resulted in the tandem pair spinning violently out of control as the tandem instructor started to lose conscienceness, due to the strangling effect of the drogue bridle line around his neck. We manufactured the jumpsuits and modified the parachute equipment to achieve the results required

Ronnie’s first attempt to stop the spinning and deploy the parachute failed when he got kicked in the head and knocked away from the spinning pair. Ronnie succeeded in stopping the spin and deployed the reserve parachute which saved their lives. Ronnie then deployed his own parachute just in time to save his own life.

For his actions and bravery Ronnie received a medal from the queen and was rightly classed as a hero.

Recreating this event was probably one of the most riskiest skydiving stunts that we’ve been involved with. We recreated the violent spinning effect of the tandem pair for real, and simulated the strangling effect with excellent results.

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