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Simon Crane
Stunt Co-ordinator


Allan Hewitt designed and built stunt harnesses that had to be hidden underneath tight fitting lycra clothing.

The full body harness had to be made without hardware which meant each one had to be customised to perfectly fit the individual actresses and stunt doubles. We also built a special safety harness for Eddie Izzard.

Starring: Uma Thurman, Sean Connery,
Ralph Fiennes, Jim Broadbent and Eddie Izzard

Directed By: Jeremiah Schechik

Second Unit Directed By: Vic Armstrong

Safety Harnesses Designed and Built By: Allan Hewitt


Allan Hewitt was contracted to build and supply the parachute equipment used by the airborne forces in the film The Band of Brothers.

The equipment was built to replicate the the original parachute systems used during the war, but designed and manufactured by Allan Hewitt to meet the strict, up to date safety regulations.


Gordon the Gofer did an AFF skydive with Allan Hewitt and Jonathan Dyer and was seen squeaking his way through level one, to the amazement of Philip Scofield.

Philip Scofield did a Tandem Skydive as part of his TV show for children. After his skydive was shown, his co-star, Gordon the Gofer, surprised him by showing a video of his skydive.

Filmed by: Ian Barraclough


The Red Devils Freefall Team were asked to submit a challenge for the TV programme called You Bet, hosted by Mathew Kelly. The team presented the following challenge:

Five skydivers jump separately from an aircraft flying at 8,000ft;
they then build a five man formation (A Star);
they then breakaway to deploy their parachute and build a five man canopy formation (A Stack);
they then separate and land individually on the back of a moving lorry traveling at 25mph.

The first four landed successfully in the middle of the lorry but the forth landed on the tail end. Just as his feet touched down his canopy dragged him off the lorry, before he could cut it away. It was deemed a failure because the last man failed to remain on board. The audience loved it and the producers were overjoyed at the last second, decisive moment.

The freefall formation and the canopy stack were, as the team expected, successful. However, the challenge of landing on the back of a moving lorry was something the team had not done before and TV viewers were kept in suspense as each skydiver attempted this new challenge.

The Team:
Allan Hewitt – Joe Willoughby
Mac Mclennan – Steve Jelf

Filmed by: Ian Barraclough