Why Skydive España?

Why Skydive España

Skydive España is located close to Alhana De Murcia in Spain, only 20 minutes from the beach. We’ve been training students since 1990 and We are committed to giving you the best service possible, the Safety and Enjoyment of our students is our main priority.

After searching the web sites, it has become apparent that some companies have been tempted to mislead potential customers with good sales and marketing tricks instead of truthful facts. Remember this important point “words mean nothing unless backed up with proof” whether you book a course with Skydive España or another company here is an important check list to ensure you are getting the best value for money with a safe skydiving course.


Are your instructors well qualified and experienced ?

The only way to check whether instructors are as qualified and experienced as they say, is to check the certificates issued by the governing bodies who issue the qualifications, At Skydive España we are very proud of our qualifications and experience Check out our Staff Qualifications and Experience


Will you have a large and safe landing area free from hazards ?
Today’s skydiving student rarely gets injured, however when they do its always when landing and making last minute decisions trying to avoid a tree, fence or even buildings. The best way to prevent this is not to be put in this situation in the first place, so a large safe landing area is important. We have a very large safe landing area that is owned by the parachute centre.

What are your opening times ?

We are open 7 days a week. Sun light to sunset.

How is the weather?

Check our weather report.

Do you have a shaded packing area ?

This is especially important when packing or learning to pack in sunny climates, we have a clean carpeted indoor packing area for your use.

Flights, Accommodation & Car Hire

Can I get an “all in” package?
We have a list of the best prices available for flights, accommodation and car hire for you to choose your preferred options, however, we can also arrange a complete package for you if you prefer, just complete the online form with your preferred dates and let us do the rest, we can send you an itinerary and an all inclusive price based on your dates.

After AFF

Will I get support and any assistance after completing my course ?

We don’t just stop after you have completed your AFF, once you are one of our students you will be well looked after in Spain and on your return home.

We also offer continuation courses when you want to progress onto one of the skydiving disciplines and hope to see you return on a progression course in the future.

As you progress though the sport you will want to buy your own parachute equipment and accessories, as a Skydive España customer you have our years of knowledge and experience behind you, we don’t make profit selling equipment so we can be 100% unbiased and help you get the best deal possible from safe & trust worthy parachute equipment suppliers.